About Alpha Data

Company History

Alpha Data was established in 1993 to provide state of the art solutions targeted at compute intensive applications.

Alpha Data is committed to making the latest FPGA technology accessible to our customers. We provide the hardware, software and expertise to ensure rapid time to market.

Our products are interoperable with industry standards such as VPX, XMC, PMC, PCI, CompactPCI, PCI Express®, VXS and VME with popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows™, Linux and VxWorks.

Company Strategy


At Alpha Data, our goal is to be the best in reconfigurable computing:

Today, see our commitment in systems based on Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale™, Virtex-7 and Zynq-7000. Tomorrow, hardware may be different, but Alpha Data will still provide leading-edge systems. Like all successful companies, Alpha Data has a strong corporate culture. Ours is based on creativity and commitment:

Creativity in design, and in overcoming all obstacles to mutually rewarding business relationships with our customers.

Commitment to engineering excellence in both design and manufacture, commitment to getting the job done, and, above all, commitment to building a good relationship with the customer.

In all our dealings with you, we will never forget the vital importance of timing. All of Alpha Data's people, from top to bottom, know that the right time is now, and tomorrow may be too late.

Technology Strategy

Alpha Data's technology strategy involves ensuring that our customers are first to market, with extended time in-market. In order to achieve this Alpha Data provide:

Services Available from Alpha Data

Alpha Data understands that in a field as new and fast-moving as reconfigurable computing, many customers want more than just a box of hardware.

Consultancy and co-development of custom solutions, support and training can all be vital ingredients in the successful application of this technology.

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