Reference Design - RD-KU3

The RD-KU3 contains

  • the ADM-PCIE-KU3 SDK V2.0.0 (4th May 2017)
  • a collection of other example designs (listed below).

Purchase of the RD-KU3 is required before access to the design files can be obtained.

Contact for further details.

Windows version of RD-KU3 can be downloaded from here: RD-KU3 Windows SDK Download

Linux version of RD-KU3 can be downloaded from here: RD-KU3 Linux SDK Download

The ADM-PCIE-KU3 SDK contains the following example designs.

Design NameRevisionDescription
DIMM Test3.1.0Standalone FPGA-DIMM Memory Test
DMA Demo3.1.0Demonstration of PCI Express to BlockRAM DMA operation
Host DIMM Test1.1.0Host driven FPGA-DIMM Memory Test
IBERT Test1.0.0Standalone design for testing the High-Speed Serial I/O of the ADM-PCIE-9V3 (connects via Xilinx VIO IP Core)
Register Access Test2.1.0Host Register Access Test (BAR0/BAR1 accesses)

The following designs are also available for the ADM-PCIE-KU3.

NOTE: check the accompanying PDFs for device and version restrictions for the following example designs. They are designed for a limited range of Vivado tools and/or product configurations.

Extra Design NameDescriptionDownload
TANDEM PCIETandem PCIE with Field Updates design flow for Kintex UltrascaleDownload example
Partial ReconfigurationOutline design for FPGA Partial ReconfigurationDownload example
SATA TesterBasic 6.0Gbps SATA Interface TesterDownload example

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