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Analog IO Product Overview

Alpha Data offers a range of Analog/Digital I/O modules. This page makes selecting the right module for your project as easy as possible. By selecting the appropriate function and operating parameters you will be left only with those Alpha Data products that meet your project requirements.

Camera Link Overview

Alpha Data offers a range of FPGA cards, Camera Link IO module, and example reference designs (included with FPGA cards); to provide customizable frame grabbing solutions.

VPX Format Product Overview

The VPX Standard, ANSI/VITA 46.0-2007, is an extension of the VME standard. VPX utilizes a switched fabric backplane and uses high-speed capable connectors. This allows systems to run serial protocols, such as PCI Express, as their backplane communications medium.

Ruggedized Product Overview

Ever increasing logic complexity and higher switching speeds in FPGAs require more power and produce more heat. Thermal management presents an ever increasing challenge to keep the board cool.

To tackle these challenges Alpha Data has developed cooling solutions for selected products.

Environmental Specifications

From Air Cooled Commercial products to Conduction Cooled Industrial products Alpha Data provides products capable of being deployed across a wide range of operating conditions. Here you'll find the specification for the different environmental conditions the products are designed to work in.

PCI Express Gen 3 Development Kit

The PCIE Gen3 Reference design has been designed to be installed on the Xilinx VC709 demonstration board. A VC709 board locked core is available for prospective Alpha-Data customers on request. Alpha-Data customers who purchase an ADM-XRC-7V1 or ADM-VPX3-7V2 will be entitled to an unlocked core.The same PCIe Gen3 Reference design can be instantiated in any system targeted at the Alpha-Data ADM-XRC-7V1 with VX690T-2 FPGA. The design is also pin compatible with the Alpha-Data ADM-VPX3-7V2.

EDK, Matlab and System Generator Information

Alpha Data provide example designs and support for integrating with Matlab, EDK and System Generator.

Technical Support

Please contact Alpha Data Support if you have any technical questions about Alpha Data Products.

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