Privacy Notice

1. Introduction

Your privacy and trust are important to us and this Privacy Notice provides essential information about how Alpha Data handles any personal information provided to us.

This notice is regularly reviewed and sometimes updated. It is important that you check back often for updates to this Notice. Updates may be made at any time and you will always find the most up to date version here. If we make significant changes we will contact you to inform you of this.

2. Alpha Data handling of personal information

Alpha Data is not a data processing company and does not process personal data in any way, except for the normal handling of business to business contact. The personal data held for this, is limited to the names, work email addresses, telephone numbers and business addresses of customers and suppliers. This data may be stored in our email system and in our supplier and customer database. This data can only be accessed by appropriately approved employees using their passwords for these systems. This data is only used for communication with customers and suppliers in the transaction of our day to day business.

3. Employee and potential employee personal data.

Alpha Data also holds personal data about its own employees and will receive personal data as CV's submitted by applicants to work at Alpha Data. Some of this will exist in our email system and on our servers. It will only be used for the purpose of recruitment and will be deleted once no longer required. Personal data on employees will be kept and used appropriately for purposes pertaining to their employment. This data may only be accessed by appropriately approved employees using their passwords for these systems.

4. Personal Data Security

Alpha Data holds all this personal data in applications that require password protected access, only available to designated employees.

5. Sensitive personal data (or special categories of personal data)

Alpha Data does not hold any data in this category.

6. Who we share data with

Alpha Data does not share your personal data outwith the company.

7. Accessing your personal data

If you wish to find out what personal information Alpha Data holds about you, please email for further information and we will attempt to respond as expediently as possible.

8. Deletion of your personal data

If you wish any record of your personal information deleted from our email system or other databases, please contact us by telephone and we will make our best efforts to delete all emails with your personal information and records in our customer or supplier databases.

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