ADM-PCIE-8K5 - High-Performance Data Processing


Photo 1 of adm-pcie-8k5Photo 2 of adm-pcie-8k5Photo 3 of adm-pcie-8k5Photo 4 of adm-pcie-8k5Photo 5 of adm-pcie-8k5Main Photo of adm-pcie-8k5  Board: Kintex UltraScale PCIE SDRAM Fast I/O : Commercial Data Center Board Kintex UltraSCALE

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ADM-PCIE-8K5 Documents

Datasheet (pdf)

User Manual v1.11 (pdf)

Xilinx Vivado Board Files

The board files for the ADM-PCIE-8K5 are available for Vivado 2018.1

Download Vivado Board Files here (Vivado version 2018.1)

OpenPOWER Ready

The ADM-PCIE-8K5 has been certified as OpenPOWER Ready.

CAPI Connectivity

The ADM-PCIE-8K5 is CAPI 1.0 compliant and compatible with Power8 systems.

The CAPI suport files can be downloded from the CAPI Support Website.


The ADM-PCIE-8K5 is compatible with CAPI SNAP Framework.

Further details of the Framework can be found on the CAPI SNAP web pages.

Support and Development Kit

The contents of the SDK can be viewed in


Please contact Alpha Data for details on the purchase of the ADM-PCIE-8K5 SDK.


  • High-Performance Data Processing
  • Video Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Network Acceleration

Board Features

  • 2x SFP+ Cages
  • 2x Firefly Interfaces
  • Heatsink with passive and fan cooling options

FPGA Features (Hard IP)

  • 6x PCI Express Gen3 x8 cores


The ADM-PCIE-8K5 is a half-length, low profile, PCI Express Add-In Card featuring the powerful and efficient Xilinx Kintex UltraScale KU115-2 FPGA.

The ADM-PCIE-8K5 features two independent channels of DDR4 memory capable of 2400MT/s (fitted with two 8GB ECC banks as standard 16GB - optional 32GB available), dual SFP+ cages providing 2x 10GbE/16G Fiber Channel (Gen 5) capability. Dual Firefly connectors for up to 4x16Gbps per connector. Voltage/temperature/current control and monitoring. The board is supplied with an air-cooled heat sink and optional fan for development systems without sufficient airflow over the PCIe slots. For deployment in rack-mount server systems the fan is not required (passive cooling).

IBM Power8 and CAPI compliant

Board Format

1/2 Length, Low profile, x8 PCIe form Factor

Width: 173mm Height: 68.9mm Depth: 17.5mm Weight: 200g

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Limits:

Operating Temperature range: 0°C to +55°C

Storage Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

Operating Humidity range: Up to 95% (non-condensing)

Host I/F

PCI Express® Gen3 x8

Target Device

Xilinx Kintex® UltraScale™

XCKU115-2 - FLVA1517E

FPGA Resources


FPGA Hard IP Cores

  • 6x PCI Express Gen3 x8 cores

On Board Memory options

Memory TypeNo. BanksMemory Size
(per bank)
FBGA-SDRAM21G x 72 (8GiB)
2G x 72 (16GiB)

Board Management

The board management logic has the ability to monitor temperature, voltage, and current of the system to check on the operation of the board. The monitoring is implemented using a microcontroller providing a host USB interface The information can also be accessed directly from the microcontroller over the USB interface on the front panel. When enabled**, IPMI can also be used to communicate with the system monitor, allowing for remote communication and management with the ADM-PCIE-8K5.

** IPMI is disabled by default and should only be enabled when the board is installed in an IPMI compliant system. Please contact the factory for details on enabling IPMI on the ADM-PCIE-8K5

FPGA Configuration

  • From onboard Flash
  • Over USB/JTAG

The USB/JTAG Interface is compatible with all of the Xilinx Vivado® Tools.

FPGA Configuration Flash

Flash TypeFlash SizeNo. config regions
BPI1GBit2 each of 512MBit

Other on-board memory

2kb I2C EEPROM - Non-volatile data storage for the user design (i.e. storing MAC addresses).

High-Speed Network Interfaces

Interface TypeQtyLanes per InterfaceData Rate per LaneProtocol Capability
SFP+2116GbpsUser Configurable, includes 10G Ethernet
Firefly Connector2416GbpsPCIe, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, Ethernet, Aurora

Other I/O Interfaces

USB board management (built-in JTAG).


Optional integrated Board Support Package (BSP) including extensive FPGA example designs, plug and play drivers, and a mature Application Programming Interface (API). CAPI Compliant (optional CAPI board support package available).

Ordering Information
ParametercodeParameter Description

blank = 16GB (DDR4-2400) onboard memory,
/32GB = 32GB (DDR4-1866) onboard memory

SFP+ Cages and Optical Moduleso

blank = SFP+ Cages only,
Optionally fitted Modules
/D10 = 2x 10 Gigabit SFP+ optical modules,
/D14 = 2x 14 Gigabit SFP+ optical modules

FireFly® Optical Modulesf

blank = not fitted,
/F = 2x 14 Gigabit FireFly® optical module - MPO Front Panel (full height bracket required)

GPIO (RS232/485)g

blank = RS232/485 NOT available,
/G = RS232/485 available

Si5328 Jitter Attenuatorj

blank = Si5328 NOT fitted,
/J = Si5328 Si5328 fitted

No fan optionNF

blank = optional cooling fan installed,
/NF = no fan


  • ADM-PCIE-8K5 Board
  • One Year Warranty
  • One Year Technical Support
  • Xilinx Vivado Board Files

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